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this an exclusive comunity for art based photography.

we will be somewhat exclusive.
in your application, post:
major influences:
at least one picture of yourself
at least 4 art based photographs

with each photograph include the following information:
Title of piece:
Film type and format (ie Ilford Delta 100 speed - 120 film, 35 mm Fujicolor Superia 200, No Film - Digital... etc.):
Did you process this yourself? yes/no.
Thoughts on this piece of work(ie. what it means to you, what it says about you... etc):

Title of piece: Bloody Mary
Film type and format: 35 mm Agfapan 400
Did you process this yourself? yes.
Thoughts on this piece of work: to me this piece says a whole lot about me, when i see this photograph, i feel the subject is very secluded, and or lonely, which i feel alot of the time.

use an lj-cut. if you dont know what that is... LOOK IT UP. if you dont use one, we will disregard your application.

please do not insert links to your photographs. used a server for storing photographs such as http://www.photobucket.com i find that to be a very reliable server.

if you are not accepted, you may reapply in two weeks, but you must have new work that shows some improvement.

please do not steal others work and claim it as your own. if we find out you have done this we will first remove you, then band you from the community, and then we shall proceed to kill you. copyright infringement sucks.

oh and we moderate your first post (aka application) so give me a day to get it approved. oh and please leave sufficent time to be stamped. dont get all whiny on me, or you'll be automatically rejected.

and once you are accepted you are allowed to post your art anytime you'd like, and you have the chance to vote on new applications.

when voting please give a yes or no answer, a reason why and maybe a comment on the work.

this is your moderator and maintainer:
christina :: xvividxdreamsx